Kick out the Chromebooks, and bring IPad’s in?


Araceli Serrano, Journalism Student

Would having IPads in school be at all beneficial to North Senior High School?.  “They’re useful, because I went to Johnson freshman year and they let us take them home and it was easy to do homework”. Felix Dominguez, said. In my eyes, having IPads in school will be beneficial to our school, because I myself went to Harding and it was super easy to just do our homework from home. It worked out really great for the school, because if we had an essay due, we could do it from our IPads, if some of us didn’t have a computer at home, having the Ipads were easy. The IPads were super easy just to carry around, there was enough room in our backpacks for them.

There was enough kids at harding who had internet access at home, that could take the IPads home and do homework on them. There was a lot more kids doing their homework on the Ipads rather than, making the students do it on a piece of paper, and turning it in. I asked Dominguez, “How can students that don’t have internet at home, use the IPads?. He responded with “they can do after school hours, to do their homework” and “those who have internet at home, can take the IPads home”.

Now, I know there is chromebooks that students can take here from North High, but from what I heard from many students is that “they suck”. Now with that being said there’s a lot to be fixed with those chromebooks, but why not turn them into bringing in IPads?. The IPads, never were a trouble in Johnson, or Harding when I went there, or when Dominguez went. Having the IPads would make it more easier to upload assignments, from what I heard. The devices are super easy to maneuver and to use. It makes it super easy to use them, almost any student, can use them. That’s why I believe we should bring Ipads in. So, would the school, take into consideration on kicking out the chromebooks, and bringing in a better and easier device in, IPads?