In Real Life (Post Concert)


Kylee Guenther , Journalism Student

In Real Life (Post Concert)

In Real Life, a new boy band that I Kylee Guenther Journalism Student got to go see. Let me just start off by saying, if you ever have a chance to go and see them perform, do it! In Real Life is amazing and I am so happy that I got to go see them for my first concert ever. At the concert on Saturday, the band Jagmac was the opening act, and they were amazing. Jagmac is a group of siblings that legit to everything together. I actually got pictures with them and we had some really good conversations. Jagmac performed some of their own music and then they also did some covers, they also showed us their martial art skills. By the time that In Real Life even came on stage my voice was already gone!

When In Real Life came on stage my heart had dropped because they sounded so amazing and they were just so great. When they sang the song “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake I made the band laugh because I was screaming “oh” really loud. In the middle of the concert my phone died, and so did all of my friends phones. So at the end of the concert when we met In Real Life we didn’t get to take any pictures with them, but we got hugs and had conversations with them.

I know that this article is a little late but, it is still worth it to read. One of my friends that went with me was Janna, and she said “This concert was amazing and if they ever come back to Minnesota, then she would go an see them again.” I got to hug Brady, and Drew from In Real Life, and then I hugged Manjo, and Angelique from Jagmac.