Spooky Mr. Reynolds


Sammie Bonko, Journalism Student

Since it’s October I figured we would get in the spooky spirit. I asked over 10 students who the spookiest teacher at North High is. They shudder and answer the forbidden name, Mr Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds is the AP US History teacher at North and anyone who has experienced him as a teacher knows that his class is quite an adventure. When you are first greeted by Mr. Reynolds you know he means business. Many students tremble at the thought of answering a question about the Articles of Confederation or Patrick Henry fearing the terrible, gut wrenching response of simply being told they’re incorrect.

Senior Julia Schleicher survived AP US History, she says “His class is fun. It’s like a game show but instead of winning money you get to see another day. His scary teacher persona keeps us on our toes” In the end she enjoyed his class but will admit that he is very serious. “He’s the scariest teacher at North,” Mason Wold says “He holds us accountable for our actions and makes sure we get our work done so I guess it’s worth being nervous in his class.” “I’m scared and I don’t even know him,” MacGyver Lincoln says with laugh “Even though it’s only US History not a horror movie.”

When asked what he thinks of Mr. Reynolds, Joshua Kranz, a Junior who is currently in AP US responds “He can be scary but overall he is a good teacher and the fear helps his students.” Josh continues to explain that through the fear, students have to work even harder to know everything in his class to avoid embarrassment.

For those who have had the wonderful experience of having Mr. Reynolds as a teacher all come to a similar consensus about him. “He’s funny,” says Haley Hogan, “If you get his sense of humor you realize he’s kidding 99% of the time.” Andrew Carlson says “he definitely has no-nonsense attitude.”

So as you can tell there is no room for messing around in AP US. But the real question is what does Mr. Reynolds think of his own teaching style?

When asked if he thinks he is a scary teacher Mr. Reynolds sighed as he said “No, I am always full of sunshine and rainbows.” When asked about what he would say to students who think he is a scary teacher he responded “Do your work and behave and I will literally never talk to you.”