The Neon Dance

Will you be at this exciting new school dance?


Alivia Lindorfer, Journalism Student

North’s student council has been working hard in preparation of a brand new dance. This new dance will be neon themed and will be put on in the cafeteria the night of Thursday, November 29th from seven to eleven. November 29th is the last day of first trimester and council thought that the dance would be a great way to celebrate getting through finals.

Sarah Omar, a veteran council member, says that inspiration from the dance came from a Snapchat story. She says she saw a video from Aisha Adedayo, another council member, about a neon themed dance she had been too. Later, Aisha posted on her Snapchat asking if students at North would want to go to a neon themed dance. Sarah said she was one of many students who told Aisha that they liked the idea of a neon themed dance. Sarah thought that this could be something new and different for the school. North has had a history of sticking to the same type of schedule when it comes to dances and activities. North hasn’t had a dance in November in years!

Sarah and the rest of Student council are looking forward to the dance. Sarah is excited to begin ticket selling. She says it will finally give her a chance to get an actual idea of how the turnout will be the night of. Sarah is also excited for the decorations as that will be a huge part of the dance. “No North High dance has ever had black lights before!” She hopes the night will be a success and that the rest of the student body is as excited for the dance as she is.

As this will be brand new to both student council and the student body, there has been some worry about the dance’s success. But, looking back on Aisha’s poll which had ninety-six percent of the students whom voted saying that they would like to attend a neon dance, Sarah feels pretty confident in the dance. “I believe that this dance will, in fact, be successful.” Sarah hopes to see you there!