Polar Prowler Strikes Again!


(Picture Credit: Victoria Haukaas)

Victoria Haukaas, Journalism Student

Caught in the night after weeks of unrelenting journalists, North High student is seen red handed escaping the scene of their latest crime. North High’s Robin Hood makes off with millions in her most recent robbery, only for the next day large sums of money are being dumped into charities by an anonymous source, and the charities refuse to comment.


After being on the thief’s trail for weeks, I’ve discovered she wears the same clothes and uses the same method of fence hopping to escape. How she gets into the banks and facilities are unknown. She has proven herself to be a master of disguise and cunning.


When I caught up to the rascal as she went to make her big get away I shouted asking who she was, her response was “the greater good!” In a voice that sounded oddly familiar.


Familiarity aside, she targets high profile banks and facilities with a lot to offer. From the ones I have staked out, she moves quickly and dressed as someone else, usually a guard or employee. I don’t know how she gets past the tellers office, (don’t look at me like that, this isn’t one of Marvel’s plot holes I promise) but she does.


Mag- I mean unnamed suspect simply uses her high tech hacking skills to get past the vault and security for the money. After securing the money, officials from the bank say several other people enter the building, faking a fight or some other distraction.


With all the chaos she takes the biggest bills and a sack and makes off.


And like the night, she sheds the clothes she started in for simple black ones.


Then into the sunset she goes.


And the banks are always left flabbergasted.


One teller from “Always Safe Money” say it was her smile that let her sneak by. Another credits her success to superpowers. Another simply says these tellers are effective as NPCs.


As of late I am pushing my journalism to the max to find her accomplices. Can I find out who this thief is? Will she strike again? Until next time on Polar Prints coverage.