Polars Football: wrapping up the season


Rashan Scott , Journalism Student

The north high polar’s finished their football season off this year with an 0-8 record and ranking 278th in the state of Minnesota.

Ending their season was the Tuesday night playoff game against central high school in which they lost 23-17.

When asked what was a major contributor to the 0-8 season that they had, what he had to say was ” our biggest problem on the field is ourselves. We put up more of a fight against each other than we do to the other team and while we are sitting there fighting each other the other teams saw that as our weekness and and start to take control.”

With all the talent that the north high polar’s brought this year, it is hard to believe that they could still lose by 40 or more points.

Asking key players like Brenden Lankford and David Murray about the difficulties of the team’s that they faced they both listed them in order from weakest to strongest.

Lanks list: Central, Park center, Irondale, Spring Lake Park, Forest Lake, Mahtomedi, Tartan, Robbinsondale Cooper, then St. Thomas Academy being the toughest team.

David Murray’s list was more or less the same just switch Cooper and St.Thomas around.

We can all only hope for improvement from here on out from our North High Polars. The Polars will be losing alot of valuable players in the off-season as more than half of the starters were seniors and have plans to go play football in college.

The Polars had to work around so many injured players as they were big contributors to the team as a starting DB (Rashan Scott) and starting receiver (Alec O’Heard) dealt with an ankle and a back injury that deducted their playing time for the first 3 games.

This isn’t the way they wanted it to end but I know they are happy that this season can to an end, better luck next season.