Back Problems Underwater


Katie Suckow, Journalism Student

Back Problems Underwater


Being a swimmer can cause lots of body issues for a human who does it excessively.  For example here at North High School, the swimming/diving team practices about 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, for about 2 of hours at a time.


Jeremiah Branovsky Is on the swim team here at North and he had struggled with some back problems that had put him out for about ⅓ of the swim season. According to Jeremiah he was “not happy about it”. He had felt behind and would go to practice to watch and not be able to do the thing he signed up for and paid to do. Instead he was left like a fish out of water.


Jeremiah wanted to recover as fast as possible. He had a “pars defect” on his “L4”. This means that there was a partial fracture that had affect his lower back and caused a lot of pain. Which id the main reason why Jeremiah had to seek help for his back. Jeremiah is now still recovering but plans to be back and better than ever.


Taking care of your body is very important to do because it may stop you or prevent you from doing the things you love. Jeremiah feels that it is “getting better” and he sees himself swimming once again very soon.