The works of choir


Xuying Moua, Staff writer

Choir is full with ambitious people chasing a musical everyday highschool life, full with funny humorous and loving people. All supporting each other and basically is just one big family with three loving parents: Mr. Sieburg, Ms. Alswager, and Mr. Hammerman. A question I always asked myself is “how does all of choir come together?” I imagine it must be quite a complicated task to take on hundreds of kids and get them ready to perform. With three classes of people and multiple songs to remember and conduct correctly seems a lot. So let’s just see how the Ms. Alswager does it.

First you need songs to perform, song finding can start as soon as the spring before the next year starts. But mainly are chosen and finalized in the summer. The pieces are from a wide variety from old times to more modern, and even songs from the other side of the world. The song pieces are given based on the students capabilities. One of the songs Ms. Alswager’s favors the most is Baba Yuta, a Somali based song. Voicing and balancing of choir is also a factor of the difficulty of what the class gets. Before the students go up on stage and perform Ms. Alswager likes to keep morale up and stay positive to keep us choir students pumped and going, we also are reminded of how hard we have worked and all that we have done. From the first day of choir class we are exposed to motivation so we can be the best from start to finish.