“Grandma’s Best Years” performs at North


Clair Cardinal as “Grandma,” surrounded by fellow cast members (left to right) Bella Zerwas, Ashley Prax, and Grace Miller (photo: J. Simms)

Another great play is performing at North: Grandma’s Best Years.

The district website describes the play thus: “When Grandma Simms leaves the farm and comes to visit her daughter and grandchildren, she bring along her ideas on how the children should be raised. What ensues is a light-hearted comedy about family dynamics.”

Thursday and Friday audiences have responded very favorably to the show. On a sadder note, this play will be the final performance for several veterans who have been mainstays on the North stage: Sammie Bonko, Mason Wold, Julia Schleicher, and many others. Congrats, seniors, and thank you for the memories!

A noteworthy performance was turned in by Clair Cardinal in the title role of Mrs. Simms (or “Grandma”). She had a lot of fun playing this major part. “It was a lot of hard work,” Clair remarks, “but it was definitely worth it.”

All are encouraged to get to this play today–literally. As we go to press, only the two Saturday April 6 performances remain, at 2 PM and 7 PM.

Come on in and enjoy Grandma’s Best Years!

(More cast pictures below; photos by J. Simms)

Emma Roling
Micah Hale
Blake Gardner
Luke Burney
Riley Ebner
Grace Miller
David Beardsley
Sammie Bonko, Julia Schleicher
Rose Border
Mason Wold, Sammie Bonko, Julia Schleicher


Aishat Tiamiyu
Josh Kranz
Jake Mudek
Bella Zerwas, Ashley Prax


Andrew Carlson