Polars adjust to in-person schooling


After a year and a half of virtual classes, students came back to school with masks on their faces in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.  The past couple of years have been really difficult for students at North High School. A lot of students prefer going to school in-person rather than doing school online. 

While many students enjoyed online classes, but found that online school threw them off rhythm.

“Online classes were ok, but there were too many distractions,” said Gloria Anani. 

One of the most challenging things about coming back to school is the wearing of face masks. It is hard to communicate with other people. Sometimes you might feel anxious or panicky, as covering your mouth and nose might affect the air you breathe. However, online school did not require face masks unless you were at school. 

Being in school is very important for students, even if they doesn’t like school. I think it is important to attend school because you do not have to deal with distractions around you that can mess up your grades. Moreover, less teachers have to worry about staring at black screens all the time because they get to interact with the students.