New Year, New Squad


Lamine Diaby, Journalism Student

If you talk to anyone on the football team they will tell you that this year is different. This year’s team has a sound of hope compared to the last. With a new coach comes plays, and different practice and lifting methods, not to forget this year’s team is full of new players.

I talked to junior linebacker David Murray about this years changes. When first asked about the difference of this years to last he went right to the new coaching staff saying “ The energy they bring is phenomenal!”

He went into further detail saying “ More plays, more thinking and since everything is new this year it takes more concentration to learn it all.”

This lead me to asking David, how has your actual practices changed this year? “ Practices are longer by probably 30 to 45 minutes. We still lift but it’s a different program that helps us work more on our

maxes. And practice is definitely ran different, the way the current coaches run it is almost perfect for learning your position assignments.”

Every year there is a different football team player wise but this year it seems very apparent that this football team has many new players compared to the last. David had this to say about the players this year compared to last years, “We lost some seniors, but most of the team are full of returning juniors and sophomores but we also picked up a lot more athletes like the guys from basketball all the way to some soccer players. We may not be big in numbers, but we definitely have size this year.”

With all these new players and parts can this team do something we haven’t done in two years and win a game. Only time can tell as this team hopes to get better and better with each game.