North vs Tartan


Lamine Diaby, Author

Last Friday North had their big rivalry game vs Tartan High School at Tartan. The game was a bruiser with a final score of North 0 and Tartan 41. Even with the game being a blowout both student sections were loud and alive. This game being an event there was also a district wide tailgate before the game.

I interviewed Rashan Scott about the game a junior cornerback on the team. I asked him what was his thoughts going into the game, he said “ I knew it was going to be a tough match up for our defense because of the personal they had lined out.”

           So what happened that lead to this 41-0 loss. Rashan Scott says “ As we were playing in the game they showed us how that they want the game more we did.”

North had a few highlights in the game such as 2 fumble recoveries one by Richard Tillman and the other by Eli Carter each of them celebrating on the sidelines with their teammates wearing a turnover belt. Brendan Lankford also had multiple big catches leading to the North student section chanting “We have Brendan!”.

Both student sections were energetic with Tartans student section wearing pink and camo, and with Norths student section wearing bright neon colors. At half time both super fans from North and Tartan had a little relay race competition featuring cartwheels and hula hoops. North getting their only win of the night crushing Tartans super fans in the race.

So how will this north football team bounce back? Rashan says “ This week we have been working through some of our flaws in practice such as more tackling drills and switching up the coverage that we play on receivers so can’t be beat off the line.”

We will have to just wait and see of course as the Polars play again on Friday the 21st at home against park center.