Homecoming Dress Up Days (Student Opinions)


Katie Suckow, Journalist Student

Homecoming week here at North high school this year we will be having our spirit week. This is when certain days have certain themes that all students at North can participate in voluntarily. This year the days include: Monday is sports day, Tuesday seniors are Hawaii, juniors are jungle safari, sophomores are Alaska, and freshman are Wild West, Wednesday is twin day, Thursday is USA day, and  the day of homecoming is spirit day.

Some students at North enjoy these dress up days and others may not. Some students, like Jordan Zenga, who is a sophomore at North, have suggested if the days could be “more creative” and also not the same as the years in the past would make it be more enjoyable for him. Jordyn specifically doesn’t really like dressing up the week of homecoming but other students may. For example a freshman at north high school, Gabby Grant, feels that the dress up days can help her “express herself” and enjoys the way they are chosen.

At North for the homecoming week dress up days the student council are the people who make the days up and come up with creative ideas to have a good week for homecoming. The council also has students at North vote on days they like and think are creative. Sami Bond, who is a part of student council, said it’s a good way for everyone’s voice to be heard. Sami enjoys the dress up days this year. This years homecoming dress up days are new and exciting and North is excited to see all the new outfits students can come up with for school spirit.