Teachers’ Crazy Stories

Teachers Crazy Stories

Drew Giel, Journalism Student

Sometimes as students it can be hard to see our teachers as regular people when they are out of school. They all have very interesting lives and do very interesting things. Mr Haldorson is one of these people. If you ever had him you probably have heard some of his crazy stories, from teaching in South America or some crazy things him and his coach would do while in college. He often plays is stories off as not interesting and just goes back to teaching like nothing even happened, so I sat down with Mr Halderson to hear what he thought was the craziest.

When Mr. Haldorson was getting starting teaching he and about forty other teachers went to Bolivia and taught at a K-12 school. Only about 15 of the other teachers were from US and Canada while the others were from other countries.

One day Mr. Haldorson and some friends decided to take their jeeps down to a river area and take their dogs and let them run around. But while this was happening three men in bandanas with knives, and one who had a gun approached his group. All the masked men spoke spanish and while it was still in the trip Mr. Haldorson didn’t know much of what they were saying. He understood a few of the words and recalled they were money and knees so he and his friends dropped to their knees while the men went through their pockets and took their wallets.

Mr. Haldorson recalls that one of the men had a gun but said “ the gun didn’t really look like it worked but I didn’t want to chance anything.” He also said “ after the guys took all of our money and wallets they were nice enough to show us where they put our IDs”

So if you have Mr. Haldorson this year or just really want to hear a good story just, ask he’s got some good ones.