Limit or Freedom of Art


Tiffany Vang, Journalism Student

In North High, they’re known for their amazing paints and pictures in visual arts and everyone is artistically creative within their own work, but what happens if students take their creativity too far in their artistic freedom?

The Art teacher, Mr. Schahn told us that he believes that every student has their ways in art, but as long in his class you have a limit in what is appropriate or inappropriate. He stated that he allows students to do their own styles of art, but as along it doesn’t offend or hurt anyone else, because if a student’s art piece offends another student, then it’ll cause problems for his class.

He also was asked as an art teacher, what kind of art he deems as inappropriate which he response: “Obviously nudity since this is school and what I tried to avoid for student to make is violence and gore. I’m okay if it’s a bit dark in the art they’re going for, but if it’s something violent towards animals and people, then I’m not okay with it. For example like hunting, most artist show the blood and violence towards the animal being gut out and dead.”

Then for the final question, Schahn was asked about students who justify their art and called it artistic freedom and don’t want to change. He explained that art is like music, people can stay in one genre for a while, but they progressively change into another genre which could make people improve within weeks which he highly encourages his students to do. He states that it’s one of the ways that artistic freedom allows students to do, change and improve.