Spiking Her Way to Success


Photo Creds to Lauren Stenmen

Drew Giel, Journalism Student

Bump, set, spike! That is usually how it goes when Lauren Stenman is set up for another spike. Every time she goes up for a kill the crowd gets on the edge of their seat and gets ready to cheer.

Lauren is a junior this year at North. She started playing varsity here last year as a sophomore but this year has a much bigger role.

Recently Lauren has decided to further both her education and volleyball career at Lewis University in Illinois. When asked why she chose to go there she said “ I felt it would give me the best college experience an I felt the most comfortable there.” It is also very impressive to commit as a junior she had this to say “ For me, i wanted to commit before the end of my junior year because i felt it was better to commit sooner than later.”

Coaches can be very helpful in the recruiting process for high school students. They help get their players name out there or make highlight videos of them to show coaches. Lauren attributes her committing to her coach, she said “They helped a lot. They helped me communicate and helped me figure out what to look for and what was a red flag.”

In regards to her education future at Lewis University, Lauren is excited about studying medical science and sports medicine.