Erik’s Road to Being A Red Bird

Eriks Road to Being A Red Bird

Lamine Diaby, Journalism Student

It has been a huge year for multi-sport athlete Erik Kubiatowicz. Erik plays soccer, football, hockey, does a couple other sports for fun, and most importantly his best sport baseball. He recently committed to a D1 school, Illinois state.


This year Erik went from a relatively unknown prospect to currently the number 11 player in the state and climbing.


I interviewed Erik and I ask him about what this last year has been like for him on the baseball field. He replied “This past year has been very busy with traveling for tournaments and getting to practice every day. It was many days of hard work but it payed off in the end.”


Part of the traveling Erik did was to college campuses for camps and visits. So how many colleges were interested in Erik he said “The process as a whole was a lot to handle, especially because I got into it so late. I ended up having 10 schools that were interested in me and 6 of those schools offered me scholarships.”


Ultimately Erik decided of those 10 schools that Illinois state was his school so I asked him why. He answered “I chose to commit to Illinois state because I believe that is the best place for me. I know that I will strive there and only get better as a baseball player and as a person.”


So what are Erik’s goals that he will like to accomplish at Illinois state, he replied “  My goal is to become the best player on the team and get drafted to the MLB in the top 3 rounds.”


That’s a huge statement from a ball player who was just a unranked player not to long ago, but if anyone can do it Erik can being such a hard worker as he is inside and outside the classroom. Watch out Illinois state and watch out world because Erik wants next.