People Poets


Maddie Lundgren, Staff Writer

The Truth and The Vail 

By: Madeline Lundgren 

I am forever bound to this painful life. 

I envy your bliss.

You will never be though as as a choir or an agreement. 

But I am.

No one would ever miss me if I just disappeared. 

There would be no search let alone a funeral. And no one would try to attend or those who come will have only blank stares and dry eyes.

 I would forever be a shadow. 

As I am now.,

 Not that it maters I will always be nothing more than an annoyance like a zit on your face causing you nothing but shame. 

 I’m invisible and I’m seen. 

But only when I have done wrong. It is my call for attention.

 I wish to be out of my brother’s shadow and step in the sun even if it is for only a second and scorching hot. 

 I will never feel the love I seek from my family for there is no love for them to give. 

Only poisonous hate and infections pain. This is my destiny to live without love without the very thing all people search for and strive for, love the one thing that can move mountains and travel here and back.

But I am doomed to live without it. 

Can you not see my pain my hate as it grows like a weed?

Stealing all the nutrients and choking out all other life.

 I might have once been happy but no more my fate, I’m afraid, has been sealed. 

   Though I envy your bliss

it is founded in ignorance and that I will never wish for.

While you live your tired and molicoly lives

in blissful ignorance as if in a dream with no end

I will breakthrough the vail that obscures the truth and blinds the willing.

Only those who know what to see will see,

know what they want to know

and hear what they want to hear.

But I have taken the blinders off and see what is hidden to others.

The world tries to silence me by calling me insane.

They force pills to pull the vail closed

but I will fight I will not be blind again.

I want to see.

See things through an other pair of eyes.

When I removed my vail I saw the world anew.

Like I saw it for the first time.

To relive that moment,

to see colors brighter and anew,

to see the wandering souls and spirits.

some happily embracing their loved ones.

Others were alone and others still followed the person who had their blood on their hands.

If this is what lies beyond the vail,

the world unseen and unnoticed,

then I wish to only live there

those who see lead and those who wish to see follow.

We will live in peace and prosperity in the world beyond the vail.