Kelsey’s story


Addison Ellingboe, Journalism Student

Kelsey Fuglestad is a new student at North high school this year. She is a Junior and plays for our band. She also enjoys photography and drawing.


Kelsey moved to North high school because the past year at her old school, Stillwater high school, was very rough and she thought switching back to her old school would help her and make it a better year.


Kelsey actually used to be in our district. She went to John Glenn middle school for her sixth and seventh grade years but switched to Stillwater for eighth, ninth, and tenth. John Glenn was a very bad fit for her and she was struggling with some personal stuff. She thought maybe if she switched districts her problems would get better.


It was kind of stressful for her to move back because over the summer she was really busy working at a summer camp so her dad had to do a lot of it. She talks about how figuring out what classes she wanted to take was very difficult, but Kelsey says “My counselor here was super helpful! And my friends were also excited about me coming back.”


Kelsey is happily loving North High way better than Stillwater.