North High End of the Year Celebration

North student share their ideas


Melanie Vang and Amy Xong

Funsho Salako, Staff Writer

We all know that at the end of the school year everyone becomes excited about the summer break and also stressed out because of the finals. So I thought that why not have an end of the school year celebration or field trip for the students at north high. Where we hang out with our favorite buddies and friends and have a fun experience with them to conclude the end of the year and also their high school grade year.

I interviewed students opinion on this at North High; Amy Xong a sophomore said “ Yes and No. Yes, because it’ll be great to celebrate all of our hard work during the school year. No, because many will want to go home since we take finals on the last day of school, and many students have and will plan a hangout with their own group of friends. Melanie Vang a sophomore said. “Yes because student have a hard and busy life during school, they should at least get a reward or something to help relieve stress.”

Based on the answers the student gave, it seems that students have a busy life both in school and at home. So why not do a field trip before the finals and a party at the end of the school year, because based on people opinion on what they do during the summer they don’t do seem to be able to leave their house or have fun with friend or other people because of their parents and some get bored of that. I personally don’t do much during the summer, just do volunteer work, summer sessions and just stay home

I interviewed Amy Xong again on what she does during the summer and she said “ I do nothing, but mostly in the month of June, I sleep, clean and babysit. In July and August, there are sometimes where I go to summer events but I mostly stay at home.” Melanie also said, ” I stay home, and watch movies”. This proves that some students are restricted to not go anywhere during their summer and some just don’t have anywhere to go.