Super Nada the Super Student

Super Nada the Super Student

Lamine Diaby, Journalism Student

The day to day life of Nada Mohamed is not just a normal one where she just goes to school goes home everyday. She is so busy that it would super women want to take a vacation. so what is this super student schedule like. well Nada says ” I start my day by going to meetings before school, then i got to century for my classes. Next i go back to school for clubs , and finally i go to work at my job at target. Just thinking about doing all that would require me to take a nap first.

So why is is Nada so busy? She says “I’m involved with so many of these groups because they interest me, and I love being involved and making an impact in my school. I work for that gas money lol. Plus I like to keep busy so i don’t get bored, and I like a routine.” Nada is a women on a mission.

So what clubs and things is this super student doing to impact the school? ” I’m in National honor society, Student council, and polar portraits a club where we take pics for seniors.” Wow what a Women!

So is Super Nada perfect? Close but when I asked her why she takes classes at century she said quote ” Honestly took the classes because, my parent made me lol, but for the article just say something like I wanted the experience of college. So I could be prepared for it after I graduate.” It’s all good though because I know for sure if I had to take college classes like Nada, I would be a mess.

What are Nada’s goals for after high school? ” Majoring in Something that has to do with biology at the University of Minnesota.” This super student can do anything she puts her mind to in life. Watch out world because Nada has next.