The Haunted Stage

Alivia Lindorfer, Journalism Student

With Halloween approaching I thought it would be appropriate to dive into the investigation of the alleged ghost that haunts North High’s stage. The haunting of the stage is widely believed by the theater kids and stage crew of North. Many claim to have witnessed such events first hand.

Cody Morisette, a member of last year’s graduating class and former North High stage manager, claims to have seen Grant Richey with his very own eyes. Grant is one of the ghosts that allegedly haunts the stage. While alive, Grant was a director of many plays and musicals from 1995 to 2009. One night, after the Spring show, while walking up to the booth to put tape away, Cody claims to have seen an old man sanding in the hallway. “He wasn’t malicious or anything. He was just staring at the cabinet, as if he were looking for something,” Cody said. The old man Cody sighted became known as Grant.

Another person who claims to have witnessed Grant’s presence is Adam, the adult stage director. Adam claims to have herd Grant’s laugh in the theater on multiple occasions.

Another ghost believed to haunt the theater is a little girl. The girl haunts the catwalk. Many crew members an actor have claimed to have seen this girl during performances. She is believed to be connected to North’s stage because of he connection to the collapse of the old catwalk many years ago.

After this investigation, I have started to think differently about the auditorium. Having now heard about all the paranormal activity that has been witnessed in the theater, it has made me think twice about what could be going on. There is definitely something spooky going on in the North High stage. Maybe this was the inspiration behind the up coming production of The Addams Family?