North’s Hottest Rapper

pic creds Dale Rodriquez

pic creds Dale Rodriquez

Drew Giel, Journalism Student

We all know that we are not just students here, we all do different things along with school. Some of us play sports, or love to do art, or sing. Dale Rodriquez, a junior this year at North, recently became a rapper. His first song was a solo song that came out last year on SoundCloud. I had the pleasure to ask Dale about his music career.

Dale first got interested in writing and releasing his first song after he heard former North High student Dale Coggins song he released last year around Halloween time. He says that when he begins to think and write a song that he doesn’t go in with one idea that he focuses on, he goes in, listens to the music and then the words just come to him, “ I just start writing” he said.

The latest song that he has released was his song “ Me and My Bros” featuring Yung Bao. He told me it was his favorite song to put together because, “ I had more fun with it and I had another person giving me input on how my lyrics sound and i could do the same to him”.

Dale has a lot of fun working with his music and hopes this is something he could continue to do in the future “ I’m having fun with it right now….. But I could see this going somewhere beyond high school too”

Currently Dale is working on a new song. He couldn’t tell me much about it but what he could say is that, it is going to be longer than his old songs, it will have more bass. Most of Dale’s songs have been solo songs, except his song with Yung-Bao, but he told me that people have been asking to let them feature in his songs he didn’t tell me who because he wants it to be a surprise but believe me this will be his best song yet! A real banger!