Early Risers


Drew Giel, Journalism Student

It is eight o’clock in the morning on a normal school day and you are getting to school at what you think is a normal time. For most people this is normal, but for a group of guys on the basketball team this is consider way late.


These basketball player arrive to school around 6:50 in the morning, 2-3 days a week they lift weights for around fifteen to twenty minutes then go to the gym where they scrimmage until around eight o’clock. On the days where they do not lift they go straight to the gym and scrimmage for about an hour until school starts.


For a lot of people this would be way too early to be up and competing in a sport. But for these guys it has become second nature to be up and ready to play, junior Aaron Murphy said “ it just gets me right in the morning, it just gets me ready for the day.” If the morning workouts sounds like a lot, it’s only the beginning. They also meet after school some days to condition and have scrimmages again. The season itself can be a real grind but the off season before the actual season starts can be even more important.


The team has very high goals this year. The players know that they have what it takes to do even better than last year even though they lost a large amount of starters last year, they like the guys coming back and believe the new players will be ready to step up in new roles and succeed.