Coming to North: Badminton?


Mai Chong Vue, Staff Writer

Talking about the sport! We all should understand having a new sport in our school is one of the best things we could have. Badminton is one of the most common sports that my family’s and friends love to play, if our school have the chance to have badminton then we will improve the fun in our school.

One of my main family member which is my father love to play badminton and will also love it if the school starting to having badminton as a sport in North High School. There are many more family members out there that will also love to have badminton to be at North High School.There are people out there that will love to play badminton.

I got the chance to interviewed friends and other people. Funsho Salako is one of my close friend I ask her about having badminton in our school she told me that “it will be a great idea! Adding a new sport that she also loves to play.” My other friends like Amy Xong and Melanie Vang also love to play badminton as well! There are other people I have to ask, most of them give me excellent feedback about having badminton at North High School.

North High School is a great school but what we need to improve is to increase many more sport. North High School is developing and growing to be better. Only if we have the chance to improve together, share ideas then we will badminton happen in North High School.