Late Work Deadline

Late Work Deadline

Kylee Guenther, Journalism Student

The Late Work Deadline

At North St Paul High School, the students have a late work deadline, which is November 16th 2018. Quite a lot of students like having the late work deadline, while others dread it. The teachers at North also play a big role in the deadline. Their main role is grading the late work then putting it in the grade book. The best thing about the deadline, is mainly just setting that goal and getting all the work in and not having to worry about it in the future. The worst thing about the deadline is that a lot of people are missing a lot of work from a lot of their classes, and might not make the deadline. Also when people miss the deadline or don’t turn in the work on the deadline, then zeros go in the grade book and then you will end up getting bad grades. And when people get bad grades they kind of end up just giving up on trying to get their grade up or their work in on time.

I personally like having the late work deadline because it lets me know that after I turn in my work I have nothing on my shoulders weighing me down anymore. I think the main idea of the late work deadline is so that on finals day, the teachers don’t have to correct any homework from the beginning of the trimester or the beginning of the year. But the teachers still end up having to grade a whole bunch of work when finals start anyways.

So who knows if this late work deadline thing is good or bad because to some people its one or the other or both. So if you want good grade turn in your work either on time or on the deadline day.