The Mortification of Morticia


Alivia Lindorfer, Journalism Student

With the final showing of North High’s production of The Addams family just around the corner, it seems appropriate to dive into a very important element of the production itself: the makeup. Sammie Bonko who plays the mysterious Morticia Addams, has had to undergo quite a few makeup such as wearing a wig, painting over her real eyebrows and drawing on new ones and painting her entire face white.

Sammie is no stranger to undergoing drastic makeup changes for her roles, last year she played Princess Fiona in Shrek The Musical and had to have her face painted green for every showing. Similarly, this year, Sammie has had to have her entire face painted white! “I’m no stranger to the face paint but because this year it makes me so pale I have to contour my face with gray which can be tricky.” Usually a contour color of choice would range between shades of brown.

One of the strangest parts of her makeup routine revolves around her eyebrows. “I have never drawn entirely new eyebrows for a show before.” This technique is commonly used by Drag queens who like to glue down their real eyebrows and draw on entirely new ones.

Another element of Sammie’s transformation has also been borrowed from the Drag queen world as her wig is a Drag queen wig. “I like wearing wigs. It is far less work because I don’t need to do my hair.”

In total, Sammie’s transformation takes about an hour. You can see her transformation to Mortica come to life this weekend at one of the three remaining shows on Friday and Saturday.