The Dynamics of the Debate Team!


(Molly Eide and Maggie Raverty, Taken by; Victoria Haukaas)

Victoria Haukaas, Journalism Student

As first trimester wraps up, so does a successful year of debate, and yes we have a debate team. This year Maggie Raverty and Molly Eide took home 3rd place for North at their competition! This is the best North High has done in debate and for the two girls, the best way to finish off their last year at North and debate.

Eide describes the team: “Debate meets once a week after school from late September to mid November to talk and plan our arguments.”

“Kevin Barnard, who many may know from his role as theatre director, coaches debate. Every year we are given a topic and work in teams of two to argue for and against it.”

The girls had to argue for and against their topics, and it’s not always about your own opinions. The topics they’ve covered in their 4 years of debate have included the Syrian refugee crisis, military intervention in the South China Sea, social media on democracy, and Amazon.

The topics can get pretty serious, but debate is about passion and speaking out for an impact, letting your voice be heard.

This is what Raverty loves about it. “Through the years of debate I’ve learned so much…I’ve learned how to think on my toes and argue topics I may or may not agree with.”

She continues with “I’ve learned to respect the opinions and thoughts of others and think about those things critically.”

Maggie Raverty is set on making her words have impact, and according to her the team has done an amazing job at helping her with that. It’s easy to get caught up in today’s highly politicized world and to just talk, but it’s an important skill to talk with grace and knowledge. The problem today is fewer people know how to have a constructive debate where people learn and mature.

So both can agree that they’ve learned some real morals from an after school activity. It’s important to note that Raverty stuck with it all 4 years she was there, and that shows for something.

So from a couple of seniors to the younger class, debate is a constructive and positive way to be involved with the school and gain some insight on the world around you!