Life of a Mangaka

Thao Vang, Journalsim Student

Many wonder how a mangaka (manga artist) would be able to cope with life, of a life of drawings and and writing. Many mangakas’ mainly work at their own pace. Some work monthly, some work weekly with very little days of rest. Many go through competitions and editorial processes that sometimes it is very tedious to go through sometimes. Even when some artists work don’t get published mangakas think this is a very nice way to improve their skills and can get a feel for what their audience wants.

Many do not debut as soon as they submit their work in, and can sometimes take weeks maybe even months for them to debut after submitting. Many mangakas work very hard for very long periods of time, those that work on a weekly basis can only have one day off! Those that work monthly have about one week to prepare for their story and three weeks to work on their project. But that also means that they must produce their work one month in advance.

Managakas can struggle sometimes due to all the demand they can get from the audience they are writing for. But that never stops them from writing more and more, as they use this as motivation to be even better at they are currently working on. \

When one mangakas work is not doing so very well, it can dropped, in hence it is not going to be published anymore and they artist has decided to move on from their project.

Mangakas persevere through hardships, they work hard, and some, are lucky to be debut in their work. This is the life a Mangaka.