AN ADVICE FROM ME- Don’t give up because life was never easy.


Funsho Salako, Staff Writer

We all know how hard school is and we are trying our best to be successful. Well, I’m not going to say much on it all I want to say I hope those efforts would not be in vain. I as a sophomore also know it hard, but that how life is and we keep trying our best in order to be successful. Just like Terry Mark said “Nothing good comes cheaply so we shouldn’t be surprised when we meet the hard while going for the best. Hard times are not quit times”. Give your best effort and it would not be a waste. Every problem you face, do your best in them because that how you overcome them. I’m also learning to do that and I know it might be hard but when you are successful you can, later on, look back and said it was worth my effort. The hardest problem for me may be different for you. We might not have the same obstacles but there’s always a solution to a problem. One thing you should never do is doubt yourself because you doubting yourself means you give up, it means you let go of the dreams you had and what you plan to do in the future, you create a whole entire destiny for yourself. Don’t depend on luck depend on your hard work so you can benefit from it, and so you can learn from it. In order to keep your balance, you must not give up, you must keep moving and going until you reach the top, and it okay to take a rest, it okay to relax, but never give up. Nobody that is successful in life would say life is easy, it takes a lot of time and a lot of pain, and hard work to become one of those successful people, then you can relax and have a lifted burden off your shoulder. Now it up to you to know if you want to take the easy or hard way.“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine