Snow-Day Bonanza for Mr. Larson

Ms. Chada loses a nickel


Ms. Chada pays up. (photo: J. Simms)

As you will certainly recall, the weather has had quite an impact on our school schedule in recent weeks. Two North social studies teachers placed a friendly wager shortly before the school closures, and the results were decidedly one-sided.

On Friday, January 25, Mr. Bill Larson told Ms. Chada that he was predicting “at least one” day that school would be closed in the next week. In fact, he was willing to bet a nickel! Just for fun, Ms. Chada took him up on the bet.

The rest, as they say, was history. A snowstorm closed school on January 28, and the Polar Vortex, with its extreme cold, followed close behind, shutting things down for January 29-31. With a teacher in-service day on Friday, February 1, the end result was a week with no student-teacher contact at all–and a five-cent profit for Mr. Larson!

Looking ahead, will our school have to make up those lost days?

Will Mr. Larson offer Ms. Chada a chance to go “double or nothing” over the next few days??

Stay tuned . . .