North Wins STEM Grant

North science students earn honors, check


North students celebrate their success at the STEM event. (photo provided by Mr. T. Waeffler)

From Mr. Tom Waeffler, North High mathematics teacher:

“Ten students from North went to Target Field today for the Advancing Sciences event hosted by the American Heart Association. During the daytime portion students engaged in hands-on sessions including building prosthetic hands, using a catheter to explore a human heart, and using catapults to collect and analyze data. For the evening portion, students advocated for grant money to support STEM initiatives at North High School, competing against other schools. For the second year in a row our students took 1st place – winning $5,000 for North High School!”

In addition to Mr. Waeffler, Ms. Kathy Berrigan took a leadership role in this event.

The following students took part in North’s success at this event:

Aishat Adedayo
Samantha Bonn
Clair Cardinal
Connor Haindfield
Christy Liu
Vyha Nguyen
Moses Nyakondo
Alison Olson-Enamorado
Htoo Poe
Ashley Thilmony
Congratulations to all!