North students honored for art achievements

Bekabil, Adedayo receive cash prizes


Pictured: Mr. Schahn, Aishat Adedayo, and Jeremiah Bekabil (picture provided by Amber Remackel)

(From a release written by district employee Amber Remackel:)

The following 11 students showcased 15 works of art at the A-Z Gallery in lower town St. Paul in Les Farrington’s Best 100, sponsored by the St. Paul Jaycees.  The highly competitive show only exhibits 100 artworks submitted by schools from the surrounding east metro area schools. Two North High art students received cash awards for their amazing artwork.

*Jeremiah Bekabil received $1000 Senior portfolio award.

*Aishat Adedayo received $100 Photo Merit award and $100 Presidents Award 
 and she sold two of her photos,Diaspora and Blood,at A-Z Gallery for $245.00.
Lily Pfefferle
Laura Star
Grant Sullivan
Victoria Haukaas
Ashley Fettig
Pazau Thao
Ntxhaisang Khang
Kaocheneng Yang
Jada Neri
The North High Art Department teachers, Paula Clegg, Melissa Mandel, and Russell Schahn, should also be recognized for their outstanding support in their students’ success.
Congratulations to all!