North students Medina and York honored for their writings


Alex Medina and Abigail York (photo: J. Simms)

Alex Medina and Abigail York, both sophomores at North High, received honors and participated in a public reading of their works at a Celebrate Literacy Dessert Reception at the Minneapolis Public Schools’ Davis Center on May 3.

The purpose of the event was to celebrate the writing talents of students across the area. It was sponsored by the Minnesota Reading Association.

Abigail York shared an excerpt of “Dying to Live,” an emotional first-person narrative which, although fiction, ties in closely with the writer’s passion for rock climbing.

Alex Medina shared “Between the Clouds,” a piece about a trip on an airplane which conveys both the narrator’s nervousness about the flight and her excitement about the destination. Her teacher, Ms. Kindra Molin, participated in the reading of Alex’s memoir.

Also on hand to honor the student writers were Alex’s mother and stepfather and Abigail’s parents, as well as Mr. Joe Simms, Abigail’s teacher, and the aforementioned Ms. Molin.

Congratulations to these accomplished student authors!