Boy’s CC led by upperclassmen

The Boys Cross Country Team at North High may not have a lot of runners, but we do have quality runners like senior Juan Severson and junior Frederick Heaser.

According to Coach David Terry, they both finished 6th and 7th respectively out of 90 runners at at meet in Somerset, Wisconsin earlier this season. 

Cross country races are 3.2 miles long, so training distances consist of 4-6 miles of running each day.This results in having strong cardiovascular endurance, making you a healthier person. 

Frederick says that practices are fun and that he and Juan push each other to get better everyday. He runs cross country to stay in shape, have fun with the other runners, and to compete. 

“I am motivated to try and beat Juan at a race, because I have never done that before and I am motivated to try and get All Conference because that is something that I want,” Frederick stated. 

Despite his experience, Frederick still gets nervous. “I still get nervous before every race. I know during the race if it’s a good race or a bad race based on how I feel.”