What are your resolutions?


Jordanah Jacobs, Staff Reporter

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many schools across the U.S. transitioning to distance learning. Some people were able to adapt easily to this change while others continually struggled. Most schools went back in person for the 21-22 school year, so those who struggled  are likely to be more successful this year.

I asked several North High Students what resolutions they have about improving their learning experience in 2022 and collected their responses. Some students asked to remain anonymous. Here’s what North High Students had to say:

“To be happy and comfortable with myself” – Grade 9

“I want to identify and address the difficulties that I had throughout the year. With 2021 over, now is the perfect time to candidly reflect on the difficulties I had throughout the year. What did I handle with relative ease, and what was difficult for me to adapt to? Organizing the positives and negatives of last year can help me gain some clarity on the matter. My struggles do not need to extend into 2022.” – Grade 10

“To be more of an optimist about things that are important to me. During 2021 I was very unmotivated and almost depressed about distance learning. When you think about it from the student’s perspective it can be very hard to not have any social interaction. It took a toll on my mental health. This year I have been focusing on being more optimistic and changing my attitude about things. I feel like I have been much happier, been able to get more things done and I’ve been taking care of myself better. I haven’t felt very depressed or stressed. Hopefully, it will continue.” – Grade 10

“I want to work on my procrastination and keep my school work up to date. During this school year balancing homework and my job and my procrastination has been a struggle for me personally , to the point where I have been missing out on school work and my grades have been dropping . With this being a new year and all , I wanted a fresh start and to help me with that goal I made my resolution.”  – Grade 11

Everybody should dream to do something productive. Actually getting out there and doing something to achieve your New Year’s Resolution will give you positive feelings of success. Every student at North High is unique and deserves to be successful. Everyone must strive to be the best they can be. Make sure you accomplish your goals!