Teachers of North High

This month, we are featuring Mrs. Block in our Teachers of North High series.


Gracie Magnuson, Staff Reporter

Here are North High, we have a wealth of dedicated teachers who work hard everyday to provide an education to our students. We are going to feature a different North teacher in our paper each month.

This month, I talked to Mrs. Block, one of the math teachers at North. Mrs. Block teaches tenth-grade geometry and eleventh-grade Algebra II/Trigonometry. I interviewed Mrs. Block in her classroom after school one day, and we discussed school, cafeteria food, and New Year’s Resolutions.

Interviewer: Hi! First I have to ask a very important question: What are your thoughts on the school food?

Mrs. Block: “ I’ve never had the school food but whenever I walk past it smells really good.”

Interviewer: What was your New Year’s resolution?

Mrs. Block: “My goal is always to be a better person.”

Interviewer: Are you fulfilling that resolution?

Mrs. Block: “I feel like I am fulfilling that resolution. I have cleaned my house more often. I’m on my phone less often and I spend more time with my family.”

Interviewer: Do you favorite any sports at our school?

Mrs. Block “Well I coach volleyball at our school so I obviously really like that and I go to all their games. But I am trying to go to different games in the future.”

Interviewer: Why did you choose to be a teacher?

Mrs. Block: “Growing up both of my parents were teachers so I have always been around teaching. I had to make the decision to teach either Adults or kids, which was an obvious choice.”

Interviewer: Why did you choose to teach at this school?

Mrs. Block: “This is where I got an interview and got hired. I didn’t really know about this school but the more I have been here the more I have liked it.”

Thank you to Mrs. Block for her participation. Keep an eye out for more teacher features in our future issues!