North High School Career Week 2022


Staff Reports, Staff Reporter

Last week, North High hosted Career Week, organized by Beth Stanley and the Career Pathways Engagement teams. After much planning over the course of the school year, Stanley and her team, including North student Ny’Asia Nunez, staged an amazing event that gave North students so many opportunities to learn about interesting careers.

Each day of Career Week featured different careers. There was a wide representation of fields, including but not limited to photography, military, construction, communications, education, advertising, local government, and social work. Student were given the opportunity to go to the Media Center during their lunches or with classes to visit stations and learn from the volunteers.

Along with the great opportunities to learn about careers, students also had the chance to earn prizes. Several Career Week participants gave out bags, t-shirts, pens, and candy. Ms. Stanley and her team also gave out raffle tickets and other prizes.

We reached out to Ms. Nunez get her perspective on Career Week, and here’s what we learned:

  1. How did you get involved with the Pathways engagement teams? I got involved with a friend who convinced me even though I had never heard about it before
  2. What were you most excited about for Career Week? I was most excited about the opportunity to give others just a little more reassurance about life after high school.
  3. What was the most challenging thing about helping with Career Week? The most challenging thing about getting Career Week together was trying to find a way to promote it enough to where students would be interested.
  4. ¬†How did you feel about how Career Week went? I feel like Career Week was very successful and even now we’ve learned what we could do better next time. At this point now [in high school] there are those of us that have everything planned out, those of us who have no idea, and those of us who have never even given it much thought. We are not nearly taught enough about the options that we have now and later in life which may include NOT furthering our education. I feel like it was mandatory for us to actually hear from someone realistically about what a job/career is and isn’t, and hearing that was the most trustworthy insight we could’ve gotten.

Thanks to Ms. Stanley, Ny’Asia Nunez, the Career Pathways Engagement teams, and all the participants who made Career Week a success!