Spirit Week: Get pepped!


Hawly Fiege, Staff Reporter

To recap our spirit week and pep fest we will start at the beginning of the week. Monday was our school’s color war. The upper classmen were wearing black and our under classmen were wearing white. Our upper classmen won that war! Tuesday was squad day. There were so many different squads that roamed the halls that day! Whether it was people’s whole outfits or just their shirts or pants that matched. Wednesday was wacky Wednesday. Some people went all out wacky and others did some wacky small things like wearing mismatched shoes or bold shirts. Thursday was sports or culture day. We had many people rep their favorite sports team or the team they are on for school. We also had a lot of cultural clothes worn. Friday was red out and our pep fest was during sixth hour. We did an excellent job of wearing the color red. The juniors won the red out. We also had our pep fest where we got to watch our dance teams, watch some games get played by the students and teachers, and we also found out about our homecoming royalty.