Why Homecoming matters

Why Homecoming matters

Amaya Ward, Staff Reporter

Homecoming is an important time for all of us; it allows the students of North High to relax and enjoy a night of fun before they are put back to work. It lets freshmen understand that high school can be more than just stressful exams and tests. And allows those who are burdened with Friday quizzes to take time to have a bit of fun.

September 24, 2022, was crucial. Because people need to have time to dress up and have fun with their friends, and sometimes by themselves. But these dances aren’t just about aesthetics; they also have a community element to them. People cheer others on even though they barely know each other’s names, “I love your outfit!” From strangers, and people pushing their nervous friends to dance so that they also have a good experience.

There were so many gorgeous dresses and outfits at this year’s hoco, but the ones that stood out to me were:

  • The first one was someone in a casual straight-legged suit with a matching blazer, and a simple white shirt. Together this outfit was a very good example of calm yet formal, which was a very good decision and very good execution.
  • Secondly, I saw this beautiful floral dress, it had a long structured skirt with a pattern of flowers on this rich blue fabric, with a large side slit. The top was a simple violet halter top so your eye is drawn to the skirt more.
  • And last but not least, I saw a beautiful shimmering pink silk slip dress with a small slit towards the bottom that made the dress look so simple yet very classy.