Mental Health: Changing Seasons


Persia Johnson, Staff Reporter

As the weather changes, our moods change – and as it gets darker earlier, it can change the way that we feel. Changing season with colder weather can make us feel tired, depressed, and unmotivated. The change of weather can make people fall into depression or make their depression worse. Many people don’t feel like themselves during this time.

With the weather changing, some people forget to take care of their mental health and don’t know what to do during this difficult time. Everyone is trying adapt to the changing weather and it can be unpleasant. Some people don’t know how to cope or what to do to keep themselves occupied. When it gets dark early, people’s bodies tend to get tired and many people struggle to keep their energy up.

A way to keep yourself motivated and not feeling so down is to take a walk and just breathe. Walks help keep you active and can increase your energy levels – and that can be beneficial to your mental health. Do something that you enjoy doing to stay busy. It can make you feel happy and you won’t be so focused on the weather.

It’s a hard transition from nice, hot weather everyday and being light outside until 9 to chilly weather turning into the bitter cold and being dark at 5. If you have a hard time adapting, talk to someone about it and express how you feel. And know you’re not alone because everyone is feeling the same way.