Teacher Feature: What are teachers looking forward to this year?


Isabella Zuk, Staff Reporter

We wanted to know what the teachers at North High are looking forward to this year, so we asked them. Here are their responses!

Mr. Hanson (Science) looks forward to his students grounding themselves and finding themselves throughout this school year.

Mr. Helm (Social Studies) looks forward to seeing his students grow and flourish this school year.

Mrs. Myers (English) looks forward to meeting new students and seeing their progress. She is also excited about teaching English 10 again and AVID 10 for the first time this year!

Mr. Simms (English) looks forward to the increased person-to-person connections that can happen in school now that we are all together again.

Mr. Knutsen (Social Studies) looks forward to this year as a return to normalcy after all of the COVID craziness, and is looking forward to teaching world history for the first time.

Mrs. Nelson (Indian Ed) looks forward to exploring different culture events and opportunities with the Indian ed. students, so they feel confident sharing their history with others

Mrs. Johnson (Science) looks forward to participating in a study called Climate Education Pathways. It is piloting a new curriculum related to climate education, through the National Science Foundation Discovery Research K-12 Grant.

Mr. Chaplin (Math) looks forward to watching some of the winter sports. And he enjoys watching basketball games, both boys and girls.  He is also looking forward to seeing the building after the construction. And that it is awesome that we as a school are creating a new and positive learning environment.

Mrs. Martinez (FACS) Looks  forward to seeing students learn new things and connect with each other in class and in the halls.

Mr. Wolff (Principal) looks forward to students continuing to get back into the swing of things in terms of routines, study habits, involvement in extracurriculars, and more and continuing to build on our schools wonderful cultural events and being done with construction and enjoying our new beautiful building that no longer has a split campus.

Mrs. Kvamme (Assistant Principal) looks forward to getting to know the North staff and students since this is her first year as a North Polar, she also looks forward to all of the celebrations including cultural celebrations, Homecoming/pep fests, and graduation.