Veteran’s Day


Tylene Scott, Staff Reporter

One of the many holidays we celebrate in America is Veterans day. Veterans day is a federal holiday celebrated in the United States, yearly on November 11th honoring people who are in the military or those who were in the military who were honorably discharged. Veterans day celebrates the service that members of the U.S. military have done for us.

Well, how can we celebrate? 

  • You can simply thank a veteran that you know or see for their service
  • Find a veteran-owned business in your neighborhood and support¬†
  • Teach kids a little about veterans day to make them more knowledgeable about Veterans Day.
  • A moment of silence, the moment of silence on veterans day is typically for two minutes at 11:11 am.

We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th because that is when World War l ended. A common mistake made is confusing veterans day and memorial day though the holidays deal with the same people they have their differences. Memorial day is a day to remember the soldiers that we lost in war while Veterans Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate the soldiers that we have with us today.

If you have any Veterans in your life think about maybe giving them a special thank you, Happy Veterans Day.