New me in 2023


Aaron Byrd, Staff Reporter

The new year is a time for life innovation –  an opportunity to leave the past behind you and focus on a new you! Coming into 2023 is a great chance to start over and try something exciting such as exploring new hobbies, setting goals, and working on ourselves as a person.

Hobbies are a beneficial way to lower stress, manage your time and learn more about yourself. Finding the right hobbies can show interest that you never knew you had. Hobbies also have benefits for emotions and mental health, research studies have shown that activities that involve going outside and exploring make you feel happier and more relaxed. Group and team activities such as sports, clubs, and cooking classes can improve communication skills and build stronger relationships with others.

Another opportunity a fresh year brings is to start setting goals for yourself. Studies also show that people who set goals for themselves are 10 times more likely to succeed no matter how small or big their goals are. Setting goals can be complicated and confusing if you’re not planning out a process to accomplish this goal. First, to set a goal you need to find something that you are determined and committed about. Next, make an action plan; it would help if you write it down! Third, is to start your actual goal by doing the same amount on a constant basis or starting small and gradually doing more over time. Finally, stay consistent and motivated.

Self-awareness and improvement are important factors in growing as a person and the New Year is a perfect time to focus on this. Self-awareness is the ability to know who you are as a person, such as values, personality, and emotions. There are many ways to work on self-improvement like spending time with yourself. Research has shown that the benefits of alone time consist of being more relaxed and having a better understanding of who you are. Some productive ways of spending time alone include meditation, reading, and yoga. Another way to self-improve is to surround yourself with positivity, this consists of positive environments and surrounding yourself with people who will help you get more out of life.

This New Year is a perfect time to try new this and improve yourself, so give one of these ideas a try!