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Return to traditional grading scale at North is a struggle for some students

As January 2024 comes to an end, North High is fully engaged in a new grading policy. In previous years students, were assisted by a grading policy that allowed them a 50% floor for assignment grades. The floor made it so that any assignments that were missing or failed would still earn at least 50% of the points possible. Although some teachers didn’t find this effective for long-term learning, students found it to be a stress reliever and some even used it as a way to avoid turning in assignments without it being detrimental to their grade. 

But now, students who were avoiding turning in assignments might need a changed of plans to succeed with the new grading policy. All departments at North High (English, Math, Science, History, etc.) voted to return to the traditional grading scale of 0-100. This grading scale was the only grading scale for many years before the pandemic forced schools to rework grading policies so that students could pass while in distance learning. Overall it seems there have been mixed reactions to the new rule. Many students didn’t take the change well, with some stating that it was “dumb” and that “it was not going to make any change towards them turning their assignments in.”

One student I spoke to who is against this policy is Tristan Davis, a very involved senior who participates track and photography. Davis claims that the new grading system doesn’t help and only brings him more stress, saying “The previous grading policy helped me by giving me a cushion to focus on school while still participating and and having time for my outside life. I think schools should be more considerate of student’s lives as a whole, not just the school-related aspects. I have a lot going on in my everyday life including work, sports, home life, and school; the new grading system makes it a lot harder for me to attend to those things now.”

Even though many students despise the new grading system, there is still a fair share of people who support the change. One of these people is Caleb Sobboh, who describes himself as an average student who enjoys basketball and track. Sobboh admits that although the new policy restricts the way he used to go about not turning in his assignments, there is no doubt that he has been seeing an improvement in his grades. Sobboh says that “ever since the new grading system I have been non-reluctant to turning in assignments on time” and that “this change encourages me to be more stern with myself academically, and motivates me in the process earn better grades.”

Although this “new” grading policy is actually a return to traditional grading, it definitely feels new to many students who have only experienced high school during the pandemic, and who became used to the support provided during distance learning. Every policy change has its ups and downs, and this policy is no different. Mr. Drummond, North High Vice Principal, states “I think we had hoped that with the new grading policy, students would engage at a higher rate and take more risk and that did not happen” as students have not really adjusted to the policy yet. Hopefully as the trimester continues, students will come to understand that this policy is meant to help them learn, not make their lives harder. 

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