A Glimpse into the AVID classroom

AVID is an elective class that stands out among the others. You may have a friend or two in the class. But, what is it? A question you have probably had at the lunch table. 

“It’s pretty simple, Achievement Via Individual Determination. That’s what AVID is,” according to Katherine Cooke, an AVID student. The acronym that was created by Mary Catherine Swanson, the developer of AVID.

AVID has over 2 million students Nationwide and from beginning to end it can take you from 7th to 12th grade. With weekly tutorials to help with classes, any problem would be solved in the 56 minute class hour. 

“AVID alumni that go to college are four times more likely to graduate than their national peers,” according to the AVID website.

This leaves AVID students with the assurance that they can improve their lives. Not only do they have a higher chance of graduating, but with the college viewing field trips they get a better view of where they’re going. 

With most AVID students being from lower-income families, with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, it’s inspiring to see them take the next big step in their path. 

“AVID is an opportunity that helps you organize yourself as a student and a person.” said Kathrine Cooke.