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New pink drink stinks

Starbuck’s bottled version of the popular “pink drink” is a miss

Starbucks pink drink on the go, have you tried it? The drink is a quick on the go for when you don’t have time to wait in those long Starbucks lines, it is something new to try for Starbucks drinkers who want to save a little money since this drink is somewhat cheaper, on the other hand though the drink itself is quite distasteful. 

If I was an everyday Starbucks customer I would much rather get something quick like this in the grocery store rather than having to wait in the lines when depending on the day and time can be waiting for fifteen minutes, that’s fifteen minutes of your day being wasted when it could be used doing something more beneficial for yourself.

When comparing the to-go drink to the average size of a small pink drink order at Starbucks it’s about $2 dollars cheaper. When you go to Starbucks everyday that stuff starts to add up so by switching to this drink it is a good way to save where you can. The size of the drink is a good on the go size but in my opinion isn’t worth the $4 dollars after tax.

Now time for what really matters, the taste. On a scale of 1-10 I give this drink a three, it gets a three because it wasn’t something that I could drink regularly and could only drink it in small sips. It tastes like coconuts, is kind of sour and tastes very watered down. It smells like it has a hint of strawberries and it has another strong smell that I can’t put my finger on. I really can’t describe it but it tastes empty like it could use some type of cream of some sort. If I had to compare the taste of this drink to something else it would be an extra watered down strawberry milk but substitute cow milk with coconut water.

This drink is convenient and beats the lines I do give it that, but that’s all it gets. Because it isn’t tasty at all. I’m gonna say unless you are a diehard Starbucks fan save your money. 


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