Joe Mauer the Real Reason for Retirement


Lamine Diaby, Journalism Student

Many people in Minnesota know Joe Mauer retired this year. After 15 years with the twins. He won the MVP in 2009 he has 2123 hits and is one of the all-time twin player, and potentially a Hall of Famer.

Joe Mauer wrote a letter to the fans about his retirement he said “came down to my health and my family. … If I were to continue playing this game, I would want to do so without reservation, and I no longer feel that is possible.”

This made a lot of twins fans sad as their golden boy retired. What many people don’t know is the real reason he decided retire this season.

North has been looking for a new baseball this year. It was a crazy phone call north received when Joe himself called the school asking about a job a the varsity head coach.

So ecstatic for the season north varsity baseball players are looking forward to be coach and learn from the great Joe Mauer himself.

Lamine Diaby on the new Coach Joe Mauer, “I am hyped for this season with coach mauer i believe we will be a force in the state. Personally i am looking forward to learning from the best because my goal is to be better than coach mauer and the best ever so there is nothing like learning from the best as coach mauer won national player of the year in highschool! Sorry I’m just so excited.”

I even interviewed coach mauer about the subject he said “ I love teaching baseball to youth in the state I grew up playing baseball, and in the same community where I played at Cretin. Im very excited about the season as, I want to take it one day a a time with my team learning everyday and having fun at the ballpark.”

It should be a great season for the Polars if only Joe Mauer was really our coach.