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Social media encourages toxic attitudes and behavior about Homecoming Royalty

Homecoming royalty has been a tradition in American high schools for over a century. It has always been a light-hearted event to celebrate an exciting week filled with enjoyable memories.

So when did it become so toxic? All over the country, you hear about royalty campaigning leading to harassment, and threats of all sorts. People are cheating just to have the title of homecoming court. Why do people value homecoming royalty so much? And is winning worth the cost?

If you ask me, people began caring more about homecoming royalty when movies surrounding the idea were released, which popularized the whole event. It is a classic story that the popular bully campaigns for homecoming royalty and everybody expects them to win. It is a complete surprise when the school outcast wins and is instantly beloved by all. Why wouldn’t you want to live out the stereotypical high school fantasy?

Additionally, it seems that everybody is constantly seeking validation, especially from their peers. Although this can become unhealthy, it isn’t necessarily the reason why homecoming court is as toxic as it is.

I strongly believe that the reasoning behind a recent incline of toxicity is social media. It is true that there are many benefits to social media; however with these platforms, students can send cruel messages much more easily, and without the same consequences because they are protected behind a screen. Many more people can also get involved in these situations, creating a whole new set of problems. All of a sudden the students that are campaigning for royalty are practically stuffing in your face that they would be the best candidate, and that their opponent is terrible.

If you are forcing your peers to vote for you, and shaming them if they are not, is winning truly an accomplishment? On top of that, is creating false email accounts just to cast more votes to yourself truly the way that you want to win? We are getting lost by turning what is supposed to be an innocent contest into something far too competitive.

Many feelings are hurt and people are discouraged while words are exchanged during the homecoming royalty campaign. A tradition that formally celebrated the spirit of homecoming week has now become notorious for pushing one another down. Can we recognize as a community how to improve so that we don’t continue going down this road?

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