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January Revisited

It’s still the worst month
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It has been a year since I wrote a piece about of how uneventful January was and I think that this year’s January is already starting to feel worse than last years. I think that January is becoming worse due to some factors which I will explain again with “evidence.”

I think it’s important to show the one thing that this year has over the other one; we actually got the 2nd of the month off rather than going back the day after new years day. Anyway, with that out of the way it’s time to get into the main thing that’s making this January worse.

Firstly January somehow siphoned ALL of December’s energy, we barely saw any snowfall during the entirety of December but the moment it turned into January, Boom! We get snowfall that won’t melt anytime soon with even more to come as the month progresses and gets colder. I mentioned last year how January couldn’t decide on if it wanted to be cold or warm but I guess it somehow read my article and decided to take some notes from it. 2023 December can’t compare to 2024 January in terms of snowfall and temperature.

Second, I think that coming back from winter break this time hit us a little harder than usual since I still believe that we (yes WE ) are still suffering from a sleep schedule more broken than the old bathroom soap dispensers. Our lack of sleep made us extra miserable this time. Staying up to see the new year and then staying up even more after that shattered our sleep debt, days before the end of break and the starting up of school.

Third, January used up all the December energy too fast within multiple days, and now the snow is mostly all gone. Now January is simply all gray and moody, still suffering from the lack of vitamin D since the sun still isn’t out as much as it can be. Temperature is still undetermined since rarely on some days I’m allowed to be in a sweater, and some I’m in a jacket. Despite all of this for most of the days the temperature is at equilibrium and won’t allow me to be in either a sweater or jacket without feeling some sort of discomfort. If you only pick one it’s still going to feel like the sun, and if you pick the other it’ll feel like you’re in the center of a glacier.

Last point: there’s not anything special going on in January to warrant it being a good month. For example, February has the Sno Daze dance which is fun if you’re going out to be with your friends. March has spring break, April is just nice in general (Totally not my birthday). And May is basically just the last month before school ends. Every other month has something that will make it shine more than boring old January. Keep your heads up and look forward to Spring!

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